The Gold Lab

The Gold Lab – Gold Recovery System

In repeated demonstrations The Gold Lab is able to recover 100% of the gold from test samples. The many hours of testing and tweaking that went into The Gold Lab long before it went into production have resulted in a fail safe gold recovery system.The Gold Lab

The design of The Gold Lab looks simple, and the components are not complicated (which is a good thing), but it is having everything working together in precise measurements that make The Gold Lab the world’s best gold refining system.  The combination of water speed, pressure, and height all impact the effectiveness of the vortex and the centrifuges ability to separate the sand from the gold. Only The Gold Lab has been designed with the precession required to salvage the maximum amount of fine gold in the refining process.

Gold reaching the record highs of recent months, and tipped to go higher yet, means that every little spec is to be counted as a fraction of an ounce. It doesn’t take an insane amount of those tiny specs to make an ounce – especially given that you have already done the hard work of finding them in the first place.  So making sure that you recover all your gold from the concentrates will soon pay for The Gold Lab and next holiday or mortgage payment.

Don’t be fooled by other products boasting high rates of gold recovery, a one size fits all solution will never match the results achieved with The Gold Lab system.  It is a simple matter of physics that for a vortex to work properly it requires a disturbance free zone which can only be achieved if the concentrate is fed into the system in a completely controlled manner.  Every aspect of The Gold Lab gold recovery system has been analyzed and fine tuned to achieve complete harmony.  That is why you get a 99.9% gold recovery rate.